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Catnipz Extravaganza Recap

We wanted to run down the deets of the weekend, & Say thank you Muddafuckas!!!!

While we are building our brand, it is important for us to create authentic experiences that match what we talk about on our show. And trust we say a lot. Each season, we strive to connect with the people who are showing out for us. We are where you are, connecting in every way possible. Its our civic duty to create safer spaces for people to connect on deeper levels. Revisit this dope ass weekend with us...

GREEN BEE YOGA- Hosted at AVO Chiropractic & Yoga

Yoga is a transcending method of connecting the mind, spirit, and the body. It requires isolation so you can listen to yourself better.

The Catnipz put together two early morning classes, complete with fresh Cucumber/ Mint and Strawberry/Lemon waters. Our ally, Ray Townes, provided us with the dopest house blend of empowering music. The play on familiar voices, with interchangeable beats, new lyrics, and an emphasis on your highest self set the tone for how to feel during the experience. AVO is such a beautiful new business, that aims to balance the corrective nature of chiropractic care while infusing emotional wellness, and the power of yoga. The layout of the facility was warm and inviting. The hooked up yoga studio was nestled perfectly next to natural greenery and trees. They were so kind to offer gifts bags to our guests too.

The classes were taught by Taylor Sanise, an accomplished yoga instructor that combines the benefits of yoga with complex flows that remind of you dance showcases. With long loss graciously pulled back, she spoke life into us and helped us sweat out our worries. Green Bee created a space for a yoga instructor of color to connect with yoga students of color, in a new way. We are forever grateful, and ready to do it again.

Trap-Tastic Brunch with Live Episode at the Cunt Layers

Ok, so maybe its just the clubhouse at the apartment complex, but its the Cunt Layers to us. We brought together the dopest people who've kicked it with us and enjoy an amazing brunch. Our Chef Bae Desiree Boyd, @desidatenights, created an cannabis infused menu, that was healthy and vegan friendly. We ate her famous red velvet waffles cooked right in front of us, curry potatoes, weed infused Kale, and marinated chicken kabobs. For dessert, we enjoyed peach bruschetta, peach churros, and kitten cupcakes, all super baked with weed also.

Meanwhile, the mischievous Catnipz provided the best drinks and jello shots. With names like hell cat, Garfield, and pink panther, the details mattered when selecting your shot of choice. Plus the Opalocka Punch, and Tiger Woods Tea kept us sipping and tripping. Recipes coming soon.

As guest relaxed, we filmed our final episode of season 2 of the podcast. It was a time to connect all of the dots about the ladies who've put this all together. We created this podcast to experience our community that accepts all of life moments and transitions. It was wonderful to see so many of the people who make up each episode's stories and tales.

We laughed for hours while everybody just did their thing. That's all we could ever ask for.

Check out the new episode when it drops on Google Play, Soundcloud, Apple Podcast or Stitcher App.

A Review of Henny, Wings, & Lion King

Perhaps, we enjoyed the food too much at the brunch, but who passes up cannabis infused brunch? Chef Desi hooked us up with fresh grilled wings and extra desserts to go to see the Lion King at the drive in movies. We even had cauliflower wings for my Vegan boo, nail salon owner, and guest on episode -"Witch-o-pussy", Fatima Phelps. Let's be honest, we probably saved a thousand dollars bringing our own snacks. And when you stay ready, you never have to get ready.

So here we are, flying down the highway, ready to see one of our childhood favorites. The food was great, but the movie was dry. Disney took away a lot of the elements that made the original so special. Between Beyonce's dry voiceover, and the sheer amount of liquor and edibles, we just couldn't hang. Some of us don't even know what this one looked like. And let's not forget how packed the drive in was!! We could only find a spot way in the back, making it more comfortable to fall asleep. Plus, newer cars have too many steps to get the lights off.

We have no pictures, because at this point in life we were struggling.

Moving Along


Thank everyone so much!! We appreciated those who showed up, sent friends, and for spreading the word about our podcast! It's a humbling experience and a confirmation that what Lexi and I are doing has an impact. I'm lucky to have this opportunity to laugh, talk shit, and put energy into something that matters.

Thank you to Lexi! Thank you for challenging me to challenge myself. Thank you for the inspiration, love, and support. We work hard, we plan, we edit, we laugh, we sigh, we hiss and and purr. I'm so proud of us!! Cheers to the Catnipz!!










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