Atl vs LA- Lexi

Coast to Coast Culture- 

Artist, free spirit, ole soul Lexi works right out of the heart of Atlanta. Hairstylist by day, serial entrepreneur by night. And everybody knows hairstylists are the real therapist. We will be chatting up salon talk, offering perspective into one of the most sacred temples, the beauty shop. Being behind the scenes has its perks, and she's got all the details. Check in for self care mixed with ole school realness. The world's problems can be solved with a riddle. Heck, she even decodes Kanye, a bit overzealously at that. As always, the shade shines, and quips are quick, and the love is oh so very real. Get the business on how to mind yours, personally and professionally. 

LA vs Atl- Cyd Raine

Coast to Coast Culture

Southside Atlanta native Cydnee lives in DTLA working with children as a behavior therapist. Smart mouth and quick witted, code switches on a dime and can respond with an unlimited amount of 2chainz lyrics. In true cat fashion, she reminds you why your wants and needs are the top priority. Rest is mandatory, and so wellness is.

Let her be your yoga guide, stretching into the yummy snack you are. Cyd is always pro fapping and indulging on catnip :p Yes the world gets hard, but with self love, support from your squad, and world domination ambition, we always land on our feet.





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